Inverness at Home Tulsa OK

Inverness at Home Tulsa OK

About Polly Milligan, Program Manager

Programs Manager Polly Milligan has been part of Inverness at Home since the day it opened in June 2011, helping it grow into a nationally accredited home care agency serving hundreds of older persons at Inverness Village and elsewhere in Tulsa County. What truly sets Inverness at Home apart, Polly says, are the people who work there.

“The compassion and advocacy they show for their clients is like nothing I have seen before,” she says. “Each of us tailors everything we do to fulfill even the smallest of needs for our clients.”

The Inverness Village at Home team appears to think just as highly of Polly. Her team of 25 recently rated their satisfaction with management at 95% in a third-party employee satisfaction survey.

“Senior service is what I am, not just what I do,” Polly says.

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