Being Safe at Home for Seniors begins by Knowing Limitations

Elder Care in Berryhill, OK – One Senior Learns that She May Not be as Steady on Her Feet as She Thought

Elder Care in Berryhill, OKSara was a strong and fiercely independent woman. She had been taking care of herself and living alone for more than 20 years after her husband passed away of a sudden heart attack. Through the years, her family had talked to her about moving into an independent living situation, but she had no interest in it. She wanted to remain in her home, the one she shared with her husband, where she raised her children, and that was the end of that discussion.

She didn’t think much about senior home safety, even after her children kept trying to point out things around the house that needed to be repaired. Sara’s major problem was that she didn’t know her limitations. She kept acting and thinking like she was able to maintain her home, clean, and do all of the things she’d been doing for years, yet she couldn’t.

One morning Sara set out to change a light in the bathroom, over the vanity. She couldn’t reach it without a stepladder, so she labored in dragging it out of the hall closet, getting it set up before the bathroom sink, and then attempting to climb up the two steps in order to reach the light.

She lost her balance the first time as she tried to raise up on the first step, reset, and then climbed up again. Her legs shook, rattled beneath her. She was nervous then for the first time in her life and she didn’t know why.

For Sara, she didn’t really think much about her limitations. She continually saw herself, and her abilities, as the same as when she was younger. Many older individuals actually have similar experiences as Sara; they simply don’t know when they can’t do certain things safely anymore. They keep trying to do the same things as they could for years, and that’s what puts them in danger; that’s what causes them to suffer from some serious injuries.

Knowing one’s limits is important, especially for senior home safety. The moment Sara stumbled on that stepladder was the first real indicator that she was unsteady on her feet. It was the first time she realized she could actually fall and hurt herself.

Because Sara finally realized that there were at least some limits for her, she was able to acknowledge the need for assistance. It was the first step in her being safer at home.

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