Frequently Asked Questions about Seniors and Exercise

Elderly Care in Sand Springs, OK – Staying Active Can Reap Big Health Benefits

Elderly Care in Sand Springs, OKSenior citizens shouldn’t shy away from exercise just because they’re getting older. In fact, staying active or starting an exercise regime is never too late and, according to the National Institute on Aging, older adults can benefit from exercise such as improving muscle and bone strength and lowering risks for various diseases. Here are some common questions that many seniors have when trying to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles:

Q: Shouldn’t seniors just take it easy?

A: When seniors are inactive, their health can actually decline. The National Institute on Aging says that seniors will often lose their independence and have mobility problems and this usually arises from being inactive not just aging. Regular physical activity lowers risks for heart disease and keeps blood pressure down. Seniors who aren’t active tend to spend more time at the doctor’s office than those who are physically active.

Q: How much physical activity do older adults need?

A: Aim for a goal of at least 30 minutes a day of doing something physical. It’s important to start out slowly, such as walking 5 minutes a day and increasing it little by little until you can walk for 30 continuous minutes. Exercises, which should include endurance, flexibility, strength and balance, can include walking, jogging, using light weights, gardening, yard work, going up and down stairs, using a chair to do balance exercises such as standing on one foot, Yoga or ballroom dancing.

Q: Can I exercise if I have health problems like heart issues or arthritis?

A: It is important to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Exercise, even just stretching, is beneficial to all older adults. Regular exercise can lower a person’s chance of developing certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, osteoporosis or high blood pressure. Even if an older person has these medical conditions, exercise can help manage and improve them.

Q: What exercises can an overweight person do?

A: A healthy start begins with just moving your body, such as marching in place and then adding simple exercises such as swimming or walking.

The National Institute on Aging has published an exercise guide called Go4Life, available here. A quote from their guide is as follows, “Like most people, you’ve probably heard that physical activity, including exercise, is good for you. If you’re already active, keep it up. It may even be time to push yourself a little harder, try a new activity, or find new ways to add exercise to your daily life.

Don’t worry if you’ve never exercised, or if you stopped exercising for some reason. Let us help you get moving. By picking up this book and looking through it, you’ve taken an important first step toward good health.”

An in-home care provider can help keep your senior loved one active and encouraged about regular exercise.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the help of elderly care in Sand Springs, OK, contact the caregivers at Inverness At Home. We help seniors and their families with many levels of home care service. Call 918-913-0238 for more information.

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