Handling the Stresses of Caregiving for an Elderly Loved One with Dementia

Caregivers in Catoosa, OK – Seek the Help of Professional Caregivers Before the Stress Becomes Overwhelming

Caregivers in Catoosa, OKLet’s face it – there are few simple or easy things about the prospect of providing homecare to a loved one. Whether you are a son or daughter, or another family member helping to take care of a loved one, each stage of homecare has its own unique challenges.

One of the most difficult types of caregiving is providing care for those who are diagnosed with a mental disorder like dementia. A majority of dementia cases are sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease, the sixth most deadly disease in the United States.

Caregivers often have to deal with their loved ones having lapses in memory and mental functions, forgetfulness on everything from taking medications to their environment, and the possible danger of their elderly loved one getting disoriented and wandering away from home.

It should come as no surprise anxiety and stress are the two most common symptoms experienced by caregivers, according to a recent study performed by Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing. Some of the findings included:

  • Primary caregivers experienced tremendous amounts of stress or anxiety at the beginning of a loved one’s diagnosis with a mental disorder or disease. Over time, these caregivers most likely became more confident in their abilities and comfortable with caring for their loved one and as a result, were less stressed.
  • According to those surveyed in the study, caregivers who were more educated tended to have a better outlook on the situation and were more confident about their loved one’s diagnosis.
  • A person’s relation to the patient could also play an important role. Those who were sisters felt less pressure or stress than people who were any other relation to the diagnosed person.
  • The study also noted, bringing in a trained professional like a hired caregiver or nurse, could alleviate much of stress a family member could feel as a primary caregiver. This point verifies the importance of calling on a home care agency to carry some of the caregiving load with you, lightening your load and your senior care stress levels as well.

Caregiving is a difficult and intensive calling. While some may be forced to do it because of their situations, there is enough affordable help and resources available to help all families with the battle of caring for someone who is diagnosed with a mental disease. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself, which includes time off the daily caregiving routine.

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