Helping Your Elderly Loved One Reduce Insomnia

Caregivers in Glenpool, OK – A Good Night’s Sleep is Important at Every Age

Caregivers in Glenpool, OKWhen you are a caregiver for an elderly individual, it is important to realize that no matter how old someone is, they should get the right level of sleep. In fact, elderly individuals may actually require more sleep than they did five or 10 years earlier. 

Below are several ways that the home care provider can help reduce insomnia for an elderly patient who is experiencing this condition. Insomnia is a condition in which a person either struggles to fall asleep or has trouble staying asleep.

There can be many causes for insomnia, depending on the patient and his or her overall health. Certain medications have a tendency to increase the risk of insomnia. Consider some of these ways that you, the caregiver, can help the elderly patient reduce insomnia.

Avoid caffeine.

Even drinking decaffeinated coffee or tea late in the afternoon or early evening hours can cause insomnia. That’s because decaf coffee and tea actually contain some level of caffeine. It is a reduced level, but the caffeine still exists.

Encourage them to avoid these types of drinks after lunchtime for a couple of weeks. They may begin to experience an easier time falling asleep at night.

Avoid watching intense television programs.

Crime dramas and other types of television programs can actually stimulate the brain, making it much more difficult to calm down and fall asleep. Encouraging the elderly patient to listen to classical music, read a book, or do other activities that help relax the mind and body can encourage a good night sleep.


Meditation is a process in which a person attempts to clear their mind of thoughts. It takes time to master the skills, but when they do, it can be beneficial to meditate for a few minutes while lying in bed before attempting to fall sleep. It can help clear their mind, paving the way to a good nights sleep.

If you notice, as a caregiver, the patient waking up several times during the night, try to figure out if they’re waking up from troubled sleep, such as bad dreams, or if they have to continually go to the bathroom. Their doctor may be able to determine some type of remedy that can help them get a good night’s sleep, which will be beneficial for their overall health.

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