The Right to Decide: Respecting a Senior’s Wishes

Home Care in Sand Springs, OK – Seniors Still Retain their Rights when Receiving Home Care

Home Care in Sand Springs, OKReceiving home care plays an essential role in making a full recovery from a health emergency, getting involved in activities the patient enjoys, remaining safely in their home for an extended period of time, and much more. However, it’s important to remember that just because a senior may require the assistance of a home care aide or any type of in-home health care services, that doesn’t mean they give up certain rights.

Below are a few important rights that seniors still have, even if they need assistance:

1. The right to refuse home care services.

This is one of the most important rights that elderly individuals maintain, even if family members believe they know what’s best. The patient does not have to accept hiring home care services or a home care aide. If they don’t want somebody coming to their home to help them on a regular basis, it is important for family members to respect these wishes and not try to force them to accept this level of assistance.

2. The right to privacy.

Even though the elderly patient may require assistance with bathing, toileting, or other aspects of their care, that doesn’t mean they give up the right to privacy. The elderly patient has every right to their privacy as much as he or she wants and what’s within reason.

For example, an elderly patient who requires assistance getting to the bathroom, they have the right to ask for a professional caregiver to assist them, rather than having a family member help with this aspect of their care.

3. The right to participate in activities they enjoy.

Just because an elderly individual requires the assistance of a home care aide, that doesn’t mean he or she has to stop visiting friends, going to stores, taking part in various activities throughout the community, and doing many things they might enjoy.

The elderly patient should be encouraged to be as active as they want and are physically able to be. They may rely on somebody else to drive them to different places, assist them getting into and out of buildings, or helping them with various other things.

4. The right to make their own decisions.

An elderly patient who relies on home care has the right to decide what he or she wants to do on a daily basis. If they initially decline to hire home care, but decide it would be in their best interest, they absolutely the right to change their minds. Or, if they want to change the level of care they receive, that’s ok too. Flexibility when it applies to seniors and their right to decide will help everything run smoother.

These are just a few of the many basic rights that elderly patients have who require some type of home care.

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